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How Subscription Works


What is Salty Pork Bits?

Chef Justin Severino’s cured meats have put his Pittsburgh restaurants in the national dining spotlight. Through Salty Pork Bits, Severino is making his charcuterie available nationwide through a quarterly subscription program whereby expertly crafted salumi is delivered straight to your door.  

Severino is a skilled whole animal butcher who carefully selects the animals he uses in his product from small, independent farms in the nearby Allegheny region that demonstrate humane, sustainable farming practices.

How It Works

Order a three-month salami subscription and a package of salty pork heaven will be shipped in October, November and December 2019. Packages are expected to arrive by USPS one to three days after the shipping date.

You will receive three unique shipments of salami with your prepaid subscription. Be on the lookout for salami flavors below. Each box will include four handcrafted salami weighing approximately 3 oz -3.25 oz each will be delivered to your door each month. A local pick up option is available as well. See descriptions below.

Subscription #5 Details

-October 2019 Box Ships October 9
Local Pick Up October 8, 4pm-8pm

**Additional ingredients in all salami salt, sugar, sodium nitrite,
non-fat dehydrated milk and lactic acid starter culture

Chorizo - pork/ pimentón dulce/ aleppo pepper/ garlic
Negroni - pork/ campari/ sweet vermouth/ oranges/ juniper
Lamb Harissa - lamb/ pork/ roasted piquillo pepper / garlic/ pimenton dulce/ aleppo pepper/ cumin/ caraway/ lemon / sherry
Marinated Olive - pork/ castelvetrano olives/ manzanila olives / oil cured olives/ roasted garlic / preserved lemon/ rosemary

-November 2019 Box Ships November 13
Local Pick Up November 12, 4pm-8pm

**Additional ingredients in all salami salt, sugar, sodium nitrite,
non-fat dehydrated milk and lactic acid starter culture

Leek Ash & Porcini - pork/ leek ash/ porcini mushroom/ port
Finnochiona - pork/ toasted fennel seed/ fennel pollen/ black pepper
Toscano - pork/ red wine/ garlic/ black pepper
Iberian Pepper - pork/ charcoal roasted Iberian pepper/ fermented Iberian pepper

-December 2019 Box Ships December 10
Local Pick Up December 9, 4pm-8pm

**Additional ingredients in all salami salt, sugar, sodium nitrite,
non-fat dehydrated milk and lactic acid starter culture

Noir - pork/caramelized onion puree/ thyme/ pate spice (black pepper, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger)/ blood/ cayenne
- pork/ garlic/ black pepper/ chili flake/ thyme/ ginger/ clove/ nutmeg
Ramp - pork/ ramp puree/ dehydrated ramp leaves/ vermouth
Calabrese - pork/ calabrian chili / roasted garlic /white wine/ fennel seed

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to refrigerate my charcuterie?

Your charcuterie is best stored in refrigeration once open, to maintain freshness, quality and aesthetics. During warm weather months, we ship our products with cold packs to minimize rendering and maintain aesthetics. Fat melts at higher temperatures, but it does not impact the quality of the product. If your cold packs melted, know the quality of the product has not changed. 

I live in Pittsburgh, can I pick up my monthly orders at one of the restaurants?

We offer a local pick-up option for Pittsburgh subscriptions. Choose the local pick up option in your shopping cart and see Pittsburgh local pick up details in the product description. We will also send reminder emails prior to pick up days. Follow our newsletter and social media for any announcements about items available for purchase and pick up locally.

Can I order just one month or several of the salamis a la carte?

At this time, we don’t process a la carte meats. For additional questions, please contact us at  For updates, please join our mailing list below.

Can I buy your salami wholesale?

Currently, we are only able to offer our products directly to the consumer through our subscription service. Our salami is not currently available wholesale.